16th September 2016

New publication on private meta-governors for sustainable value chains


Ceren Pekdemir, together with Sophie von Gagern and Pieter Glasbergen published a paper on the promise of private meta-governors to bring more cohesion into issue fields. In their paper, they present a framework with potential meta-governance mechanisms of change. These are confronted with the practices of three governance arrangements:  the sustainable fisheries partnership, the Common Code for Coffee Community Association and the World Cocoa Foundation. The cases demonstrate that the private uptake of meta-governance mechanisms for change particularly relates to networking and capacity building. These are mostly geared towards process management strategies, activating actors and resources, and arranging and facilitating interactions amongst stakeholders. Meta-governors can be strengthened in their efforts to frame the global sustainability discourse and mainstreaming of sustainability goals.

This article is published in the International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances and can be found at:

Pekdemir, C., Glasbergen, P. & von Gagern, S.  (2016). Private meta-governors and their practices: An inventory of their mechanisms of change. International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances, 5(2), 133-154.