7th December 2017

Three new MUNPOP doctors

We are happy to welcome three new doctors to our MUNPOP program. Dr. Atika Wijaya succesfully defended her dissertation entitled "Contested sustainability standards in Indonesian agriculture: On the process of claiming government authority" which can be downloaded at: http://www.munpop.nl/sites/munpop.nl/files/E-book%20thesis%20Wijaya%20Atika.pdf

Dr. Muhammad Ibnu researched Indonesian coffee smallholders, standards and certifications. His dissertation can be downloaded at: http://www.munpop.nl/sites/munpop.nl/files/E-book%20thesis%20Muhammad%20Ibnu.pdf

Dr. Nia Kurniawati Hidayat analyzed the socio-economic impacts of palm oil certification on Indonesian palm oil smallholders, see: https://cris.maastrichtuniversity.nl/admin/files/16087316/c5773.pdf